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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Life is pretty busy these days. Work is crazy. Social life also a little nuts but things will calm down.
My Some Girl fun mini album is going to been the Oct issue of Scrapstreet Magazine whoo hooo that made me pretty happy. Also my LO Kids Advice #98 is going to be a featured LO on the MM blog sept 8 so remember to check that one out. I really do love Memory Makers magazine. I have been a subcriber for some time now and I really do love getting the latest issue in my mail box...come to think of it I should have gotten the latest issue by now hmz maybe it stuck somewhere in air or on see :-) I have been thinking about this lately why it's so much fun to see a LO you created somewhere else then on your own blog or online galleries. For me I think it's just the thrill seeing my kid (since I scrap her most of the time) in a magazine or on a blog. Anyhow these two emails made me day and I'm lucky I don't need more then that to make me happy. Right !!!
I racking my brain for ideas for class #3 at Scrapping Outback pheww that one is a hard one and I really have to step out of my comfort zone but that is good. Details later.
Have a great day
Over and out


Stacey said...

yay Anna!! Congrats girl!!! You totally deserve it!!!!

paulien710 said...

I'm so happy for you girlie!!!!
You so deserve this.
Big CONGRATS to you hon!

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

Anna CONGRATS!!! on the success you've been having lately, you so deserve it!!! your work totally RAWKS!!!!.....good job on entering all these contests....I think they really help in making us stretch creatively, don't you?

~Gabi xx

Kathie said...

Woohoooo girlie Congrats!!


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