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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer School over at HSS

There are some fun summer school challenges going on over at HSS This my challenge that I put up this morning.

"Good morning class !

Today we are going to focus on health and exercise. We all know how important it is to try to stay healthy and in shape.
Did you know that the first “gym” filled with mechanical fitness contraptions was built by Swedish physician Gustav Zander in the late 19th century. Zander’s mechanical horse was an early version of the Stairmaster, a contraption for cardiovascular fitness designed to imitate a “natural” activity. His stomach-punching apparatus evokes contemporary “ab-crunching” machines. What makes Zander so important, for anyone trying to trace the Cybex family tree, is what happened when his machines, created in a European cultural context, immigrated to the US in the early twentieth century. They are prototypes of the workout equipment now ubiquitous in American life.


So your homework today is: Create a 1-pager or a 2-pager about what you or someone in your family does to "stay in shape". It can be about your kids and their activities.
I want to see you interpret in your own way “SHAPE AND/OR REPETITION” with the theme in mind ofcourse. Have fun and play with this concept.
Other requirements are to use something that interprets movement in the title and you need to use 4 differents colors.
Have fun and don't be late for your next class !!!
Here is mine page.

Sunneva has been in ballett for more then 2 years now. Even though it's not though on her body now it will be if she wants to continue her ballett study. I have more then 4 different colors. I placed the title on wings because wings are used to fly...right so there is my movement. The title is 1,2,3,4,5 Position and the numers stand for all the repetition they have in ballett. "
Guess what I did ...I bought a cuttlebug ! Now I can't wait to have it and try it.
Over and out

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