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Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year


This has been a strange year so far. My computer got "sick". We have a cat in the house but we can't keep it since I'm showing allergic reactions. This has broken my heart. Sunneva is so in love with him and actually I also in love with him. He is the sweetest little thing.
Anyhow I have done 2 LO's this year that I want to share. First is the Title page for my Album in a Year project. The text is from The Lord of the Rings and it says: ...the only thing you can control is the what you do with the time you are given. Gandalf the White says this in Two Towers and I just could not agree with this more. My plan is to do a 2-pager for each month.

This is a LO for my BOM album. My goals for the year 2009. I have written them down only for myself to see. Two things I'm going to focus on this year getting fitter. Losing the aweful weight I have been putting on the last 3 1/2 years. Second goal is a financial goal. I have written down an amount I want to have in the bank at the end of this year. We'll she how that one goes.

Over and out


Anna Sigga said...

Brill að gera svona 2009 albúm og gleðilegt ár!!

Sharon said...

Happy New Year Anna......I just love the cover of your album..Wow!! I hope you computer is better, you have been missed.

luv Sharon

Tracey said...

Great scrappy start to te year Anna, so sorry about the cat allergy, love the quote - thanks for sharing and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, much love XXX

Hrafnhildur said...

Æ þarf Ljúfur að fara??? En leiðinlegt. Flott síða, ég skoða þetta hjá þér af og til mín kæra:) Vildi óska að ég væri svona dugleg

paulien710 said...

Happy new year sweetie!!!!!!!

Love this!!!!!
You go girl!


Free Spirit said...

hey great layouts and awesom eyou have goals. Stumbled onto your site from TJ's site. I love the butterflies you used. Where is that from ? Is it a die or a paper you cut out ? esplandry@sbcglobal.net. Let me know. Thanks for sharing !!!


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