I have to create 50 LO's and 12 cards before I can shop for new supplies (challenge started Feb 2)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Lesson 2

I missed lesson 1 but I know it was something about light. I need to find lesson 1 and do the challenge but for now I will work on lesson 2.

"Lesson 2:Here we go with lesson 2… One of the most popular questions has been about aperture and f stops. This goes hand in hand with the shutter speed to dictate how much light reaches the film or sensor. We’ll cover shutter speeds later."
..."So, for this week, choose portrait mode and see how your camera reacts...For now though we are trying to get a clear subject and a blurred background. This represents the lower end of the aperture scale. "

So this is my assignement. Now I just have to go and play with my camera

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